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How to create AP Registration Rule?

How to register an AP (Access Point) onto the controller under a specific AP Zone using AP Registration Rule? Why do we need the AP registration rule? This is the more useful solution when we have a vSZ-E or SZ-144 or SZ-100, where the APs try to reg...

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How to Enable Loose Loop Detection on ICX

On this article we will explore how to configure Loop Detection on an ICX. Specifically, Loose Mode.By default, Loop Detection is disabled on an ICX device.For the purposes of this guide, I will be using an ICX 7150-24P running version SPS08095h, but...

MarcelG by RUCKUS Team Member
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How to Broadcast an SSID on a specific AP radio only

To have the SSID broadcasted only on specific radios we need to have a separate WLAN group that can be mapped to an AP group radio.Step 1:  Go to Network -> Wireless LANs and create a Wlan group. Step 2: While creating the SSID, map the SSID to the n...

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Rao by RUCKUS Team Member
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How to configure AP with static IP on cloud.

The process of configuring the AP with static IP needs to be done before its added to the cloud.AP can be configured with static IP using CLI or Web console.Only after the AP is configured with static IP, its SN should be added to the cloud.Below are...

Rao by RUCKUS Team Member
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APs connectivity on vRIOT

Hello everyone, In this article, I will explain how vRIOT Broker IP can be configured by different ways and some basic to debug the AP-vRIOT connectivity. Below three ways can be utilised to add APs to the vRIOT  : 1) Manual command from RKSCLI.2) AP...

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New RUCKUS Self-Help Product Filter

As we create more and more solutions in the RUCKUS Self-Help board, individual solutions get a bit harder to find. Therefore we've created a filter to allow you to only see self-help content related to the products you are interested in. Starting the...


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