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Things to consider about PoE at a glance, when deploying.

By using copper Ethernet cabling to provide DC power, Power over Ethernet (PoE) removes the requirement for distinct power supplies and sockets. It grants increased installation flexibility for Ethernet end devices, although it lacks Ethernet data ca...

jdryan by RUCKUS Team Member
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Reasons for Stack unit going into Reserve state

Issue: Unit 3 status is showing as reserve state under the show stack output below:ICX7750-26Q Router# show stackT=1d17h49m48.5: alone: standalone, dynamic cfg, S: staticID      Type                   Role             Mac Address            Pri     ...

Smiley by RUCKUS Team Member
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IP Address Assignment in 8200 Devices

                                              :: IP ADDRESS ASSIGNMENT IN 8200 DEVICES::In 8200, The Switching image was deprecated with 10.0 and each platform will only use one image starting with 10.0.ALL the L3 image support L2 features starting w...

Mayank by RUCKUS Team Member
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Information to gather for ICX POE issues

Basic list of non-intrusive commands:1. show config2. show running-config3. show stack4. show version5. show chassis6. show vlan7. show inline power | inc stack/slot/port)8. show interface brief9. show inline power detail10. show chassi...

How to recover a password from version 9010 and later

Before proceeding with the following steps, please note that the example resets the username to "super" and the password to "sp-admin," which is the default for FastIron 09.0.00. Ensure to press Ctrl and Y before executing the steps below: You must a...


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