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Request Access from a Sponsor --> Add Accept and Reject buttons | CloudPath Workflow

RUCKUS Team Member


If a Sponsor would like to accept/ reject access to a guest user, in one step without having to review each and every guest network access request; one could use the following steps:


Sponsors can get an email about when a user is trying to onboard/get access to a network through a Cloudpath Workflow:


The end user, in a workflow enters in information about the sponsor, and their own identity:


When the sponsor receives an email, they have an option to REVIEW the request. Clicking this will take you into Cloudpath sponsorship to review the entry.



Let’s make this a bit easier for John1, we can leave the review button, but, we can actually add an Accept and/or a Reject button. Pressing either of those buttons will have immediate impact to the end user, without having John1 access Cloudpath’s sponsorship portal.

  1. Click on the Workflow
  2. Open the Sponsorship workflow step
  3. In this step, there is a HTML box for Sponsorship Email Message, the default is as follows:

If you click the (i) bubble beside this, you will see some more options:



We are going to add a Accept button and a Reject button for the sponsor to choose from

     4. Edit the HTML to add the variable buttons:

<html><body><div style='width: 320px; border: 1px solid #C0C0C0; margin: auto; padding: 10px;'><div style='padding-top: 10px;'>Wi-Fi access has been requested by ${NAME}.<br/>${SUMMARY}<div><br/>${REVIEW_BUTTON}<br/>${ACCEPT_BUTTON}<br/>${REJECT_BUTTON}</div></body></html>

     5. Publish the workflow!

     6. What John1 will see in the sponsorship email: