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Things to consider about PoE at a glance, when deploying.

By using copper Ethernet cabling to provide DC power, Power over Ethernet (PoE) removes the requirement for distinct power supplies and sockets. It grants increased installation flexibility for Ethernet end devices, although it lacks Ethernet data ca...

jdryan by RUCKUS Team Member
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Information to gather for ICX POE issues

Basic list of non-intrusive commands:1. show config2. show running-config3. show stack4. show version5. show chassis6. show vlan7. show inline power | inc stack/slot/port)8. show interface brief9. show inline power detail10. show chassi...

Unleashed Overview

This provides a concise summary of the Unleashed network's operation, outlining essential requirements and handy commands for configuration. Unleashed Overview In an Unleashed network, a RUCKUS Unleashed 'Master' Access Point acts similarly to a cont...


Hide SSID on vsz / sz

 As a Ruckus TAC engineer, I would like to share a knowledge article about how to hide the SSID on smart zones.We can access the option to hide the SSID from the controller's GUI and CLI. Hide SSID from Controller GUI: In controller GUI we can access...

_Mudit_9-1704813266683.png _Mudit_10-1704813266685.png _Mudit_11-1704813266686.png _Mudit_12-1704813266687.png
_Mudit by RUCKUS Team Member
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Dedicated master - Unleashed

As a replacement for the ZoneDirector 1200, Dedicated Master is introduced in Unleashed 200.13.Note: Only the R750 AP and the R850 AP can be elected as a Dedicated Master.As compared to Unleashed bridge mode, the following features are supported in D...

mcordoba1 by RUCKUS Team Member
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AP LAN Port option greyed out

As a Ruckus TAC engineer, I would like to share my experience with some AP model with Single LAN port AP( for example R350) where option to change the untagged VLAN ID on AP LAN port is greyed out on Ruckus cloud GUI. We can see that even when the e...

_Mudit by RUCKUS Team Member
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Data Center Migration from Hongkong to Singapore

Pre-checks on migrations:Make sure that all switches and APs added on cloud should be operational.Make sure to whitelist below IPs/FQDNs on your firewall outbound rules:           IP range: through, ports: tcp 443 & 22        ...

_Mudit by RUCKUS Team Member
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