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AP LAN Port option greyed out

As a Ruckus TAC engineer, I would like to share my experience with some AP model with Single LAN port AP( for example R350) where option to change the untagged VLAN ID on AP LAN port is greyed out on Ruckus cloud GUI. We can see that even when the e...

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Data Center Migration from Hongkong to Singapore

Pre-checks on migrations:Make sure that all switches and APs added on cloud should be operational.Make sure to whitelist below IPs/FQDNs on your firewall outbound rules:           IP range: through, ports: tcp 443 & 22        ...

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How to make an API call to Ruckus One

 Ruckus One uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to secure all endpoints.POST method is used to obtain a jwt.The API response to POST call includes tenantId and token.Token is valid for 60 minutes.POSTMAN:Postman is the tool used in this example to make an API...

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Create & Export WLANs via API

In this article, we will explore the process of utilizing the new Ruckus Cloud APIs to create or export WLANs using Postman.First of all, you need to get the JWT, reference: Ruckus Cloud API - Authentication Using JWT. Once the JWT has been obtained ...

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