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CVE-2023-25717 - RUCKUS AP Web Vulnerability (RCE/CSRF)

Hello All, This is an important security announcement. A critical vulnerability was found in the web services component in earlier RUCKUS AP software. If theaffected web services component is enabled on the AP, this vulnerability allows an attacker t...

Ruckus AP LED indicator meaning

In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind these LED indicators and explain the behaviors they may exhibit. The LED lights on Ruckus access points (APs) play an important role in providing information about the AP's current status. Whethe...

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mcordoba1 by RUCKUS Team Member
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How to deploy a DCHP server on Windows server 2012

This information pertains to general knowledge for utilization within the context of ICX-Unleashed-SZ-vSZ. Initially, need to connect with the Server Manager. Subsequently, we will install the DHCP feature. The installation choices are discretionary;...

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Resolved! Facebook login not working in Unleashed Mobile app

Issue:On the Unleashed app, if we click on Manage Network >> and select Facebook, the authentication fails with the following error message:"Feature Unavailable: Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this app, since we are updating additional d...


How to utilize release notes to determine the controller upgrade compatibility, supported AP model and other useful information.

In this self-help discussion, I will explain how to determine controller upgrade compatibility, supported APs and other useful information.   Follow the below steps: Note down the below details of your current controller setup. Controller type (virtu...

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