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Cloudpath Guest Onboarding Using SmartZone and MAC Authentication

RUCKUS Team Member

This article will provide the flow of guest onboarding as well as configuration recommendations for SmartZone and Cloudpath.


Before embarking on the Guest Journey, ensure that you have:

A valid certificate in SmartZone
A valid certificate in Cloudpath
DNS entry for SmartZone
DNS entry for Cloudpath



Cloudpath Setup:

Overall workflow:


  1. Create a New Workflow from a blank canvas
  2. Insert a step and add an Acceptable Use Policy
  3. Add a MAC Registration step


  1. NOTE:  You can use the variable ${sip} for the SmartZone.  This is useful when clustering SmartZone's together, please review SmartZone documentation on the "sip" variable if required.

  2. Click Save
  3. We need to complete the workflow with a step and a "kill session" option.  In this example, we are going to use the "Display a message" step, but there are others, such as Redirect User

SmartZone Setup:

  1. Create a WLAN
  2. Enable the Authentication type as Hotspot (WiSPr)
  3. Enable the method as MAC Address


Note:  You can change the MAC address format to AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF, Cloudpath does that for you, but this can be changed



     4.Click on OK

     5.Change the Authentication server to Cloudpath

     6. OPTIONAL:  Change the Accounting Server to Proxy and point to Cloudpath

     7.SSH to SmartZone as 'admin' 

     8.Disable encrypted MAC addresses in SmartZone by using this command:

ruckuscontroller(config)# no encrypt-mac-ip
Do you want to continue to disable (or input 'no' to cancel)? [yes/no] yes
Successful operation

    9.If you do not run the above command, you will get the following MAC address in Cloudpath:


Guest Flow Experience

First Time Visitor:

Guest is visiting a location that is offering Guest Wi-Fi for the first time.  The end user experience will be to join a Guest WLAN, be redirected to a webpage, agree to terms and conditions, enter in email address, and then be authorized on to the guest Wi-Fi.


Returning User within Expiry Date


Returning User after Expiry Date

Will follow same flow as a first time visitor.