Smart Cell Insight (SCI)
RUCKUS SmartCell Insight (SCI) is the industry’s first Big Data Wi-Fi analytics and reporting engine purpose built to help service providers make informed business decisions regarding the operation of their Wi-Fi networks.
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Not showing controllers on SCI

Since about 10 days agora SCI is not finding controllers. We have one ZD3000 and a vSZ does someone know how to solve this?From the side of the controllers, they are connected to SCI. vSZ :thanks in advance.  

luis_oliveira_0-1683548150429.png luis_oliveira_1-1683548200507.png luis_oliveira_2-1683548249324.png

Resolved! SCI trial. Demo or master node?

Hello,I want to try this product. Do I need to install Demo or Master node?What is the difference between these two?As far as I understand I can install master node and it will have a built in 90 day license.

kessvn by New Contributor III
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Resolved! SCI Deployment with 2 Master nodes?

We're looking at redeploying our SCI onto new hardware and I was wondering if its possible to deploy it as 2 master nodes for GUI redundancy or if it's just Master + one or multiple Data Nodes only?


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