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Configure AP to join a particular node on SZ-300

Many of SZ customer request for option to move AP from of a particular region/Zone to a specific node, currently this configuration is only possible with SZ-300 hardware where we can setup zone affinity to point APs from a zone to a specific node.In ...

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How to create AP Registration Rule?

How to register an AP (Access Point) onto the controller under a specific AP Zone using AP Registration Rule? Why do we need the AP registration rule? This is the more useful solution when we have a vSZ-E or SZ-144 or SZ-100, where the APs try to reg...

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How to Broadcast an SSID on a specific AP radio only

To have the SSID broadcasted only on specific radios we need to have a separate WLAN group that can be mapped to an AP group radio.Step 1:  Go to Network -> Wireless LANs and create a Wlan group. Step 2: While creating the SSID, map the SSID to the n...

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Rao by Internal Employee
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