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R750 poor performance on 2.4 GHz

Hi,In an AP group we have five R750, one R550 and two R710 access points.ZD 1200 with latest firmware is the controller.All are connected with Ruckus 2.5 G supported POE+ switchInternet connection is of 100 Mbps CIRSurprisingly, when connected on 2.4...

ZD warranty claim

Hi,       I have a zd1200 which is having a problem. I need to send it for warranty claim. I have some question is listed as below :1) ZD1200 is limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is only cover hardware only right? The limited lifetime warranty...

Warranty Terms of Wired & Wireless

Warranty – Wireless Accessories i.e., power supplies, power injectors, antennas, and other accessories, and everything included in “Not for Resale” (NFR) kits, are all sold with 1-year warranty Warranty – Wired For parts replacement on Removable Opti...

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pkumar4 by New Contributor
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510 in reboot cycle after power outage

510 in reboot cycle after power outage.1. PWR will blink and eventually turn solid green2. CTR will slow blink, then switch to a rapid blink3. PWR will then turn solid red.Everything was working fine until the power went out for 8 hours.  Any recomme...

Jbails7 by New Contributor
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