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IP Address Assignment in 8200 Devices

                                              :: IP ADDRESS ASSIGNMENT IN 8200 DEVICES::In 8200, The Switching image was deprecated with 10.0 and each platform will only use one image starting with 10.0.ALL the L3 image support L2 features starting w...

Mayank by RUCKUS Team Member
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Setting Up Port Monitoring on an ICX Switch

Overview of Port Mirroring and Monitoring Port mirroring is an effective network traffic monitoring technique. It involves duplicating each packet entering or leaving a specific port on a network switch and sending this copy to another port for analy...

Topology Wireshark.PNG

Minimum Code Level to Onboard Cloud ICX Switch

Hey all,  I wanted to take a moment to touch on the minimum code level to onboard an ICX switch to RUCKUS Cloud. In order for an ICX to begin the onboarding process to RUCKUS Cloud, they must be running a minimum code level of 8090d. To confirm your ...

BenBeck by Moderator
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Configuring Dynamic (LACP) and Static LAGs on ICX Switches

Hey all,   Let's take look at creating LAGs (LACP and static). LACP (802.3ad) is the most common link-aggregation method. We also offer static LAGs.   To create an LACP LAG named 'testlag' with an auto-generated id, you would issue the following:   I...

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BenBeck by Moderator
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