RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Resolved! R610 slow download

I got a used R610 and run into some issues with it. When testing download speed over 5GHz with iperf from a local server, a get 130, occasionally 150 Mbps. Uploads are very good, well over 500 Mbps. I'm doing the tests right next to the AP. A competi...

andenker by New Contributor
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7150-48zp Unleashed Ring Stacking

7150-48zp Unleashed Ring Stacking I see in the fast iron manual they can be stacked via singe port ring stacking with more than 2 switches and dual port stacking with 2 switches.Can an 7150-24/48 switchs be stacked via sfp+ in unleashed?Can 4 switche...

Resolved! DHCP Relay - many SSID with different VLAN

Hello. Maybe my understanding of the DHCP relay feature is wrong but let me try to explain what I want to get.Current setup with general broadcast DHCPTwo SSID:"ssid-10" with VLAN 10"ssid-20" with VLAN 20Everything is connected through a switch to Mi...

namezys by New Contributor III
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Admin password not working after hard reset

Hi all,Bought a second hand R550 AP (901-R550-WW00 on the sticker) and want to flash to Unleashed, but can't log in.I've performed the usual hard reset (10s on button), and can join the WLAN (ConfigureMe.xxxxx via S/N password) or via cable. I can ge...

ctx219 by New Contributor
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