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v/SZ - What is the latest SmartZone firmware supported for the AP R600?

RUCKUS Team Member

The latest and most recommended version of the virtual/SmartZone controller that supports the AP R600 is 

The advantage of the SZ controller is that if you need to upgrade to the newest version 6.1.1, you can still keep the EOL R600 AP on a separate AP Zone with the firmware 5.2.2 for this zone, while the newer APs are managed in zones with the appropriate version for them.

Need to upgrade de controller? Follow this step-by-step.


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Orlando Elias
Technical Support

New Contributor

Will R600 AP's run ok on an SZ controller running Version  We are having massive issues at a school with 60+ R600's and a few T300's.

New Contributor

Greetings Nizzy104,

could you please advise what kind of issues you're experiencing with your R600's at your school?

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I have the same problem. I create a new Zone with firmware on my VSZ, but i can adopt the R600.

The R600 AP is on firmware.

Please, anyone can send me a link with correctly firmware to work on my new zone?


Hi @juliano_grandi,

Please upgrade R600 with Solo version which can be downloaded from

Have the AP reset prior to upgrading it to solo version.

Do let us know should you have any further queries.


Vasanth Edward | Sr. Technical Support Eng.