IoT Networking
Ruckus IoT Modules are Radio or Radio-and-Sensor devices that connect to a Ruckus IoT-Ready AP to enable endpoint connectivity based on standards such as Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), ZigBee and LoRa.
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Ruckus and SOLUM?

Hi guys!We're looking into possibilities to use the SOLUM ESL (electronic shelf labeling) system with Ruckus IoT and the SOLUM USB gateway which will act as a network NIC to the AP ( Ruckus support t...

tobies by New Contributor
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Ruckus VSZ and IOT controller

hi guysIs there a best practice guide on deployment type for IOT controller and VSZ to work together?I have VSZ running on internet and want to run IOT controller on cloud too but in a different datacenter.. Is this deployment type possible?What shal...

Capturing of Probe Requests of the users.

Hi Team,I'm looking for a solution to get the probe requests generated from the users cell phones. For example in a shopping mall or in stadium I want to identify the estimated number of persons through the WIFI probe requests.Is there any option ava...

laeeq2410 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Ruckus IOT AP's

Hi Team,I am working on the project where we would like to integrate the Zigbee devices into the Crestron home automation system, So in the process, I would like to use the ruckus IOT platform to get all the Zigbee devices in the individual room to t...

Resolved! Thread radio

Any plans to add a thread radio to the IoT module? Similarly, can the current 802.15.4 zigbee radio's in this module be converted to Thread for use with Matter? Thread is the future, IMO, and with thread 1.3.0 your AP's would be well positioned as gr...

vesalius by Contributor
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