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Disable auto Zoom when user attempts to enter text/ code on a CloudPath workflow page

RUCKUS Team Member


On a mobile device, when we choose/ select a field to type in any kind of data/ code, we often see the page does an auto zoom into the region/ field where the entry has to be made. This filed could be for username, email address, voucher code etc. This could be cumbersome at times. This short article could be useful for anyone who wishes to disable auto zoom on a CloudPath workflow page.


A zoomed in page on a mobile device should look something like this:


As you can see, if I clicked on one of those fields to enter, the entire page zooms in for the user. Then the user is left scrolling out to hit, cancel, or send, or start over, depending on the page.

In Cloudpath, we can modify that behaviour so that when the user clicks on an input box, the browser does not zoom in!

Open a workflow

Click on Look & Feel Tab of the workflow

Scroll down to iOS Viewport:

Enter in the following: width=device-width, user-scalable=no


Save the Look & Feel

Publish the workflow

Observe the results on the page: