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Setting Up Port Monitoring on an ICX Switch

Overview of Port Mirroring and Monitoring Port mirroring is an effective network traffic monitoring technique. It involves duplicating each packet entering or leaving a specific port on a network switch and sending this copy to another port for analy...

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Securing Networks with STP Protect and BPDU Guard

STP Protect is designed to enhance network stability by causing a port to drop STP BPDUs originating from the device connected at the other end of the link. The primary function of this STP protection is to prevent end stations from either initiating...

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Hide SSID on vsz / sz

 As a Ruckus TAC engineer, I would like to share a knowledge article about how to hide the SSID on smart zones.We can access the option to hide the SSID from the controller's GUI and CLI. Hide SSID from Controller GUI: In controller GUI we can access...

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_Mudit by RUCKUS Team Member
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Dedicated master - Unleashed

As a replacement for the ZoneDirector 1200, Dedicated Master is introduced in Unleashed 200.13.Note: Only the R750 AP and the R850 AP can be elected as a Dedicated Master.As compared to Unleashed bridge mode, the following features are supported in D...

mcordoba1 by RUCKUS Team Member
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