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Cloudpath Enrollment System SCEP integration with JAMF

This article explains setting up a Cloudpath Enrollment System SCEP integration with JAMF for Apple device management.Table of ContentsCloudpath ConfigurationJAMF Configuration>CONFIGURATION PROFILE>SCEP SETTING>CERTIFICATE SETTING>NETWORK SETTINGNOT...

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How to recover from a lost password ICX switches

Here is a basic guide on how to recover from a lost password ICX:Recovery from a lost password requires direct access to the serial port and a system reset.Start a CLI session over the serial interface to the RUCKUS ICX device.Reboot the device.While...

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How to create AP Registration Rule?

How to register an AP (Access Point) onto the controller under a specific AP Zone using AP Registration Rule? Why do we need the AP registration rule? This is the more useful solution when we have a vSZ-E or SZ-144 or SZ-100, where the APs try to reg...

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