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Error on checking node resource plan. The cluster requires all resource plan to be the same.

RUCKUS Team Member

Issue - On joining a new RUCKUS Virtual SmartZone (vSZ) node to an existing vSZ Cluster, we are getting the error "Error on checking node resource plan. The cluster requires all resource plan to be the same."


Fig 1 - Node join validation error

Environment - This example is from a vSZ-E (Essentials) with firmware 6.1.2 and running on VMWare ESXi Hypervisor. However, it is also applicable to vSZ-H (High-Scale) running any firmware version and deployed on any supported Hypervisor platform.

Resolution and Explanation - Make sure that VM Resource level of all the nodes of a vSZ cluster are the same. The Resource level matrix can be found on the respective firmware version's Upgrade Guides. For instance, vSZ-E 6.1.2 version has 1, 1.5, 2  and 3 as the Resource Levels that is dependent on the RAM, Disk size and vCPU per node :-

Dilshad_Zafar_1-1716588621828.pngFig 2 - Resource Level Matrix of vSZ-E

In this case, it was found that the vSZ node trying to join the Cluster had 21 GB of RAM allocated which brought it to Resource Level 3, while the existing Cluster Node had only14 GB of RAM allocated which means it was running on Resource Level 1. Therefore, a node with Resource Level 1 could not join a Cluster on Resource Level 4. 

Dilshad_Zafar_2-1716589227296.pngFig 3 - RAM allocation to vSZ node

After shutting down the instance and lowering the Memory to match the resource level of Cluster, the new vSZ node joined without any issue.


Md. Dilshad Zafar | Sr TSE | RCWA | RASZA | RACPA | RUCKUS Networks