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Can we upload 3.6.2.X AP Zone firmware on SZ-144 running 5.2.2.X or 6.1.1.X


Hello All,

Recently we have come across several queries if we can upload 3.6.2.X AP Patch on SZ-144 or any other controller running the version.

Query: Can we upload 3.6.2.X AP Zone firmware on SZ-144 running 5.2.2.X or 6.1.1.X?

Answer: Yes, we can manage the 3.6.2.X AP Zone version on SZ-144 running 5.2.2.X and 6.1.1.X.

Some key points:

  • The minimum supported firmware version for SZ-144 is 5.2.1.X.
  • Due to a new feature enhancement on, we can now also manage 3.6.2.X AP patch firmware onto SZ-144 and other vSZ/SZ platform controllers.
  • Other controllers like vSZ-E/vSZ-H/SZ-100 etc. may or may not have AP Zone version 3.6.2.X (carried from the previous upgrade path), however, the below steps are applicable for such controllers as well where we can upload the 3.6.2.X AP/or any other AP patch version onto those controllers too.
  • The AP patch upload procedure as shown below is a generic procedure and can be used to upload any AP patch firmware on the respective supported controller versions.

This article shows how we can upload an AP Patch onto the SmartZone controller.

In order to show the AP patch upload procedure, I have taken SZ-144 running on firmware and the AP patch version as 3.6.2.x AP:

  1. Download the 3.6.2 AP patch from the Support Portal link below:-



  1. Upload the AP patch:-

Login to the controller GUI --> Administration --> Upgrade --> AP Patch --> Browse the File (patch downloaded) --> Click Upload :-




  1. Apply the AP patch:-

Once the AP Patch is uploaded (from step2), the “Apply Patch” button gets highlighted (as shown below):




  1. Create a New AP Zone with the AP patch version running 3.6.2.x:-

Once the Patch is applied to the controller, it is time to apply the patch to the existing AP zone or to create a new AP zone with that applied AP patch.

I have shown how to create a new AP Zone using the applied AP patch version:-





  1. APs will reboot if we move the APs to the newly created AP zone with a different version and/or upgrade the AP zone with the applied patch. Hence schedule a maintenance window before making this change.
  2. We cannot upload the AP patch lower than 3.6.2.x on a Controller firmware (Example: 3.6.1.X cannot be uploaded onto the controller running on


  1. The legacy APs supported only till the 3.6.2.X version will not automatically join on SZ-144 even if we have the AP patch applied because the Default Zone will always be on the higher version (higher than 3.6.2.X).
  2. Hence to register the AP to the SZ-144 on the Old AP firmware Zone, we must create an AP registration rule. Refer to the forum post on how to create an AP Registration Rule

Hello @suporte_redes_a ,

Thank you for the details, the event would have triggered for the AP zone which would be on the lower version hence these events got triggered. This would not impact any of the AP/DP services.


View solution in original post


New Contributor III


I am getting the below error message when trying to upload 3.6.2 or 5.2.2 patch to client's vSZ144 controller.

Upload patch failed. Reason: Upload AP patch general error. Fail to sync AP patch

Controller is running following version:



Can anyone advise what could be the problem?

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @dawidku

Please try to download the 3.6.2 and 5.2.2 patches from the below links and check if you are able to apply them.  

Also, please share the URLs of the patches that you are trying to upload to the controller. 

Thank you!


New Contributor III

OK mistery solved.

I have downloaded my files from the same location from Support Portal but seems I had them already in my downloads and those recently downloaded were renamed as you can see below


So uploading these files with changed name caused the patch process to fail, simply renaming the files to remove bracketed numbers resolved the issue.


Sort of a bag I would say but anyway I am glad I got to the bottom of it and patched the controller.

Thank you for your assistance.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @dawidku

Thank you for the update. Glad that the issue is now resolved and the patches are successfully uploaded. 
Thank you!

New Contributor

consulta necesito actualizar un zondirecto1200 226 es la actualizacion que tieney un smartzon 144 pero no encuentro los firmwar de actualizacion alguno tiene una idea de cuales seriam