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CVE-2023-25717 - RUCKUS AP Web Vulnerability (RCE/CSRF)

Hello All, This is an important security announcement. A critical vulnerability was found in the web services component in earlier RUCKUS AP software. If theaffected web services component is enabled on the AP, this vulnerability allows an attacker t...

How to deploy a DCHP server on Windows server 2012

This information pertains to general knowledge for utilization within the context of ICX-Unleashed-SZ-vSZ. Initially, need to connect with the Server Manager. Subsequently, we will install the DHCP feature. The installation choices are discretionary;...

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How to disable weak SSH chipper and CBC on the ICX switches

Here the switch model used is 7150 series and firmware running are 8095c.Run “show ip ssh config” to view all SSH details.Device#show ip ssh configSSH server                 : EnabledSSH port                   : tcp\22Host Key                   : RSA...

Chandini by RUCKUS Team Member
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ICX XSS and CSRF Vulnerability

This is vulnerability in the web-based management interface of the ICX ruckus product.Workaround:Need to disable web management access to the switches using below options.By default, you will see https enabled.Device#show webHTTP server status: Disab...

Chandini by RUCKUS Team Member
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How to troubleshoot DHCP address leasing issues

In an network, issues that are seen generally  >  End devices don’t or are unable to get an IP.>  End devices get an IP but are not able to reach out to internet.Here, will be looking into the first one : End devices don’t or are unable to get an IP....

jdryan by RUCKUS Team Member
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How to configure Breakout ports on ICX7850

This is an example how to configure breakout ports on ICX7850,  which is similar to other ICX models, however it might change the ports available per each ICX Model (7750,7550) Breakout mode is when a high-speed interface, for example 40 or 100g port...

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avega by RUCKUS Team Member
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How to test SNMP version 3 using MobaXterm

This is a simple example how to configure SNMP version 3 with an ICX switch, please consider SNMP version 3 is more complex than versions 1 and 2, therefore, it might require additional configurations that we are not including in this articleICX conf...