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Add SSH public keys for user authentication on the Switch on firmware 09.0.00 and 10.0.00 onwards

RUCKUS Team Member


 In version 08.0.95 we can use the command "ip ssh pub-key-file tftp x.x.x.x filename" to add a file with the keys.

In the 10.0.10b release, only the remove command is available which is:

IX7150-48P Switch(config)#ip ssh pub-key-file ?

  remove   remove ssh client public key file



The command ip ssh pub-key-file tftp 192.168.x.y filename has been deprecated from 09.0.00 release onwards but its available in 8095 releases.

We can use below command to add SSH public keys for user authentication on the ICX Switches on firmware releases 09.0.00 and 10.0.00 onwards.

#copy tftp flash x.x.x.x <filename.txt> ssh-pub-key-file

 For example:

ICX7150-48P Switch#copy tftp flash test1.txt ssh-pub-key-file

Parameter Validation Successful