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CVE-2023-25717 - RUCKUS AP Web Vulnerability (RCE/CSRF)

Hello All, This is an important security announcement. A critical vulnerability was found in the web services component in earlier RUCKUS AP software. If theaffected web services component is enabled on the AP, this vulnerability allows an attacker t...

How to setup a NTP server

This is a practical demonstration on configuring an NTP server and effectively synchronizing it with ICX switches. In this particular case, we will be using the meinbergglobal application, but feel free to choose any other NTP server or Windows serve...

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How to upgrade from older firmware versions to a UFI image?

If your firmware of the switch is in older versions before 8080 then you need to follow the below path. Here we are taking example of 7150 switch and are trying to upgrade from 8060 version to 8095g. Path to follow: 8060 -> 8080f non UFI -> 8095g UFI...

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Chandini by RUCKUS Team Member
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