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False alerts with temperature noticed on 8200-48ZP2 and 8200-48PF switch series in sensor 5.

RUCKUS Team Member

We notice false alerts with temperature on 8200-48ZP2 and 8200-48PF switch series in sensor 5 going above 200 degrees

Issue noticed:

SSH@ICX8200-48ZP2 Router#show chassis

The stack unit 1 chassis info:

Power supply 1 (AC - PoE) present, status ok

       Model Number:  23-1000100-02

       Vendor Serial Number: SA02A7372319003693

       Firmware Ver: 32.65

Power supply 2 present, status failed, reason NO POWER INPUT

Fan 1 ok, speed (auto): [[1]]<->2

Fan 2 ok, speed (auto): [[1]]<->2

Fan 1 Air Flow Direction:  Front to Back

Fan 2 Air Flow Direction:  Front to Back

Slot 1 Current Temperature: 30.7 deg-C (Sensor 1), 39.1 deg-C (Sensor 2), 50.8 deg-C (Sensor 3), 42.0 deg-C (Sensor 4), 241.0 deg-C (Sensor 5)

       Warning level.......: 57.0 deg-C

       Shutdown level......: 60.0 deg-C

Boot Prom MAC : 3c46.a10c.20fc

Management MAC: 3c46.a10c.20fc

Stack unit-1: The system was last powercycled on Wednesday, 2023-05-17 at 23:20:27+0000 (UTC), powercycle count: 2

It is noticed that the temperature of sensor 5 is noted to go above 200 degrees causing false alarms if the device is monitored in monitoring tool.

Switch was running below firmware version:

  • RDR10010a.bin


This problem is resolved in version 10.0.10b and above