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Message “no matching key exchange method found” when a outbound SSH connection is made from switches

RUCKUS Team Member

The problem noticed is that the user will notice error message “no matching key exchange method found” when we to do an outbound SSH connection from other switch models in version 8095:

Issue noticed:

Sep 29 14:45:09:I:sshd: Unable to negotiate with port 7520: no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group14-sha1,diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

Device # ssh

User name: admin


Connecting to remote host......

Outbound Connection Closed

Outbound Connection Failed

The above issue is noticed when we try taking a SSH outbound connection from one switch to another in the network. Normal inbound SSH connection would work and is not related to this problem in this article.

This issue is only noticed when the switches are in version 8095 and other switch models like 8200 are in 10.0.10 versions or above 9010a versions.

This was tested between 7150 running 8095k and 8200 running 10.0.10a


Defect logged: FI-282781, FI-282006


The 8095 version devices can be retained in the same version.

The 8200 devices which are running 10.0.00 versions and other switches running in 9010 and above this defect would be fixed on version 9010j and above and 10.0.10c and above.


In the network if devices are running on same version variants this problem is not noticed.