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Configuring your Unleashed system for Sonos Subwoofer or Stereo pair

This guide will explain, in details, how to disable two parameters that will cause that your Sonos devices can't pair with each other.   Command                             Explanation set qos eth0 directed multicast disable   This prevents the W...

Yarenis by Moderator
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Israel Country Code missing DFS channels

DFS channels have been approved by the Israel telecommunication authorities for some time. Why haven't Smart Zone enabled DFS support for Israel AP Zones?Customer EnvironmentSmart Zone or earlier, 6.0.0, 6.1.0 versionRoot CauseIsrael DFS...


Random APs are frequently changing vSZ nodes

Recently noticed a recurring issue where numerous Access Points were experiencing random disconnections from the control interface of the vSZ-H. The state of these APs frequently involves disconnection and hopping across nodes. Refer to the checklist...

Ahamed1 by RUCKUS Team Member
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Latency! And how to identify and troubleshoot it

In a network, latency can occur at any moment. However, given that we have a varied end-user pool, the impact of this can vary in scale. Therefore, keeping a close eye on it would prove vital.Given that in a deployment, we see various devices from va...

jdryan by RUCKUS Team Member
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How to Disable LED Indicators in Ruckus Unleashed

In some situations, administrators may wish to disable the LED lights on the access points to avoid drawing attention to them, when installed in a public location, for example.To disable status LEDs on all APs of a specific model:Go to Access Points ...

mcordoba1 by RUCKUS Team Member
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