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AP LAN Port option greyed out

RUCKUS Team Member

As a Ruckus TAC engineer, I would like to share my experience with some AP model with Single LAN port AP( for example R350) where option to change the untagged VLAN ID on AP LAN port is greyed out on Ruckus cloud GUI.


We can see that even when the enable port is checked, we are unable to update the VLAN untagged ID on the cloud GUI.

Many customers have inquired about the inability of a certain AP model, such as the R350, to modify the untagged VLAN ID on the cloud.

This is the design objective for a single LAN port APs, as there is no VLAN given in the ethernet frame for untagged traffic.

For example, our AP on VLAN 1 will be able to communicate with any other side device on any untagged VLAN.

Any changes to the AP for the untagged VLAN ID that are necessary to get the AP onto the chosen subnet must be made at the switch port level where AP is connected.

I hope you find this information useful.