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How to autofill a voucher code from SMS in iOS ?

SummaryThe auto-fill option allows a user to seamlessly and accurately apply a voucher code, or any such one-time-use codes. We can implement this very convenient feature for voucher code entry on CloudPath. StepsA small edit to the HTML source code ...

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James by RUCKUS Team Member
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Using the API to bulk upload DPSKs from a file!

Hi Team,             This is a fun Quality of Life Improvement! I love that we have APIs in our applications since it really allows us to make quick changes within applications without having to access a GUI. I use APIs in testing and sometimes I wan...

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Vigneshwar by RUCKUS Team Member
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Creating a variable during a workflow split!

  Hi Team,          One of the challenges in a workflow is if you want to create a variable based on a split. In a workflow, you can automate splits or make them user selectable, and those filters provide a lot of functionality very easily to a netwo...

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Vigneshwar by RUCKUS Team Member
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