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Unable to Upgrade / Downgrade new 7150-48ZP model switches in firmware version 8095k.

RUCKUS Team Member

Error encountered below:


Reason for getting the above error:

  • The TI PoE chipset is different for the newly released/manufactured switches with 7150-48ZP Model.
  • These PoE chipset work from version 8095k and above in 8095 major release and 9010h and above in 9010 major releases

Hence if you need the switches to operate with PoE then you will need to retain 8095k. If you want to add these switches to the cloud, you need to wait for 9010h release for TI PoE chipset to work.

If you try adding switches with TI PoE issue to cloud, you will encounter below error messages.


How to identify the 7150-48ZP switches have new PoE chipset:

Check the MCU details of the switch using “dm hwinfo” command. These are mostly 2023 batches of switches which have new TI PoE chipset.

ICX7150-48ZP Switch#dm hwinfo

HW Ver: 3.1 [Production-2], Main board CPLD Rev: 0.4.a

NAND Type: Micron NAND 2GiB (x 1)

Rear module card CPLD Rev: 0

Booted from: 1

Primary Uboot Failure Record: 0

Secondary Uboot Failure Record: 0

PoE hardware info:


Unit 1:PoE MCU: MSP430, PSE: TPS23881

Check for the PoE version and Hardware version using command “show PoE detail” when switch is on 8095k version, and you will see the below details.











Device HW version         : 0:V5R34     1:V5R34     2:V5R34     3:V5R34     4:V5R34     5:V5R34     6:V5R34     7:V5R34    

Device Temperature(deg-C) : 0:32        1:36        2:34        3:30        4:30        5:26        6:34        7:30       

Device Status             : 0:Good      1:Good      2:Good      3:Good      4:Good      5:Good      6:Good      7:Good     

Below are the error details you will notice related to PoE if the switch is running on 9010 version.

Switch firmware version 9010f with new TI PoE chipset:











Device HW version         : 0:UNKNOWN   1:UNKNOWN   2:UNKNOWN   3:UNKNOWN   4:UNKNOWN   5:UNKNOWN   6:UNKNOWN   7:UNKNOWN  

Device Temperature(deg-C) : 0:0         1:0         2:0         3:0         4:0         5:0         6:0         7:0        

Device Status             : 0:Failed    1:Failed    2:Failed    3:Failed    4:Failed    5:Failed    6:Failed    7:Failed   


Log Size: 2000 entries.     Number of entries in use: 2  for unit 1.

Log printing is requested for complete log.


|S.No.|Timestamp           | Sys | Dev | Port    | Event Trace Message                         |


 1    | Fri Jun  9 06:53:54 |  N  | N/A | N/A     | PoE Event Log Mgr: User Req Logging On      

 2    | Fri Jun  9 06:54:47 |  Y  | N/A | N/A     | Loss of sync with controller in slot 1     



After Rebooting the switch on 9010 version:

******* Starting HMON service for SNMPD *******

Jun 09 08:12:25:660838:info:fi_debug:debug_logs:1:4557112064: poeglue_i2c_read_boot: i2c read Failed:-4

Jun 09 08:12:25:970257:info:fi_debug:debug_logs:1:0: poeglue_proc_chassis_itc_msg: i2c write failed:-5

Jun 09 08:12:26:071219:info:fi_debug:debug_logs:1:15513810895616: poeglue_i2c_read: i2c read Failed:-4

Jun 09 08:12:26:812712:info:fi_debug:debug_logs:1:16312674812672: poeglue_i2c_read: i2c read Failed:-4

Jun 09 08:12:27:881837:info:fi_debug:debug_logs:1:17214617944832: poeglue_i2c_read: i2c read Failed:-4

Jun 09 08:12:29:029875:info:fi_debug:debug_logs:1:18099381207808: poeglue_i2c_read: i2c read Failed:-4

You will see above outputs for PoE on 9010f version.


  • If you want to use switch model 7150-48ZP switch model with TI PoE chipset in cloud, then wait for 9010h version to have PoE feature and bring these switches up in cloud.
  • If you don’t need the switch to be part of cloud and need PoE feature, then retain the switch in 8095k version.

Reference links:

TI PoE TSB referred: