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v/SZ - What is the Regular and non-Regular Application Signature Package?

RUCKUS Team Member

Visit this post to understand what is the Application Signature Package.


There are two types of Signature Packages (Sigpacks) available in the Support site for the v/SZ (virtual SmartZone) platform:

1. Regular Sigpack and

2. Non-Regular Sigpack.

These packages serve different purposes and are designed to be used in specific scenarios.

1. Regular Signature Package:

The Regular Sigpack is a comprehensive package that can be utilized in various scenarios. It is specifically required if you intend to make use of the Client Virtual Id Extraction feature within the WLAN configuration.

  • Compatibility: This package is not supported by 802.11ac Wave 1 AP running firmware prior to version 6.0.

2. Non-Regular Signature Package:

The Non-Regular Sigpack is a versatile package designed for use in scenarios other than those requiring the Client Virtual Id Extraction feature. It is compatible with any supported AP model and firmware version.

Note: Using the Non-Regular Sigpack will trigger a prompt indicating that the Regular Sigpack is available for download.



At Application Control > Application Signature Package, users can check the following information:

  • Current Signature Package Info:

    • Displays the file name and version of the currently installed package.
    • Indicates whether the current package is the Regular Sigpack.
  • Latest Available from Support Site:

    • Displays the latest available Sigpack on the Support site.
    • Indicates whether the Support Regular Sigpack is available for download.


Download here the latest Regular sigpack for 6.1.1

Download here the latest non-Regular sigpack for 6.1.1

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support