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Enable Channel Blacklisting Feature via CLI on Zone Director Managed APs

RUCKUS Team Member

How can I avoid certain channels being selected by client connecting to Zone Director managed APs?

Customer Environment

Zone Director managed AP network where you would like to blacklist certain channels. This is mainly applies for ZD version below 9.5.


Resource group mapped to a user needed to revisited and modified


After logging into the ZD CLI, enter into the ‘enable’ context, then the ‘debug’ context. To enable channel Blacklist feature run the below command:

remote_ap_cli –A “set blacklist [wifi0¦wifi1] [enable¦disable]" – It executes for all the ZD managed Aps.

remote_ap_cli –a MAC address of the AP “set blacklist [wifi0¦wifi1] [enable¦disable]" – It executes on the specifc AP.


wifi0 = 2.4Ghz radio

wifi1 = 5Ghz radio

Manually Blacklisting channels from channel selection:

To manually specify blacklisted channels use the command:

remote_ap_cli –A “set blacklist [wifi0¦wifi1] <ch> <option>”

Where <option>:

-1 = permanently add to the blacklist (will survive a reboot)

0 = clear channel from blacklist

1 = temporarily add to the blacklist (won’t survive a reboot)


Note : From 9.5 and above firmware version, we can block the channel from the ZD GUI :: Configure :: Access Points, click on the particular AP, under 'Channel Range Settings' you can see that option.