SmartZone and Virtual SmartZone
RUCKUS SmartZone and virtual SmartZone is the next-generation high performing Wireless LAN controller for enterprises around the world.
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A Sharing of API Demo fo SZ.

Hi.I have shared API scripts for someone who need to make NMS using API.I'm not expert for html, script or json. I made simple query for some result of api. ^^You can refer that when you need to make NMS using API.

Creating HA for Virtual SmartZone-H

Hi,I am back  I have just deployed two vSZ version 5.1.1.* on two Proxmox servers. And now wanted to make an High Availability between them. However, I could not find any document, also article about this one. Does anybody already do it? could you gi...

RADUS admin login SmartZone ?

Hello, I am trying to configure RADIUS admin login (via Active Directory NPS server) to the Smartzone. I have been told by Ruckus support that I need to configure each individual Active Directory account on the ZoneDirector under 'Administration - Ad...

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