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Ideal Firmware for R610 for syncing with Ruckus Virtual Smart Zone

New Contributor II

Hi Can

Anyone Provide me the ideal standalone firmware version of r610 for Ruckus Vsz

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you


Contributor III

if you push the standalone version (1xx, for example 110.something) to the AP, yo should be ok. It will be adopted by the controller and upgraded to the appropiate firmware.

As far as I know, Ruckus does not provide the 5.x.x. firmwares directly (they CAN be downloaded from the controller, like the AP does, but this is not documented)

Contributor II

Yup, I would just grab the latest Solo/Standalone code to put on the AP and bring it to Factory settings.  for R610 it is currently "Ruckus Solo Access Point (GA) Software Release (R610) ".

Think of this as 'staging' code.  Though it is functional to run a network it is really meant to provide a platform so that when you order the Access Point it can connect to any of our controller platforms.  i.e. this code will automatically connect to either a Zone Director, Smartzone, or Ruckus Cloud controller.  You can also update the firmware to Unleashed for no controller or buy that SKU with Unleashed software pre-loaded.

Hope this helps.