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RUCKUS SmartZone and virtual SmartZone is the next-generation high performing Wireless LAN controller for enterprises around the world.
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Bonjour GW on SZ100

Hi community!I have two different vlans - 250 (for users) and 370 (for AppleTV). I configured my SZ100 according to the manual, but the service does not work - I see AppleTV on my Iphone, but when I try to connect, I get an error about the device una...

Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915856_00cdf1a6a5a06186fc6c38c7bcaadc9d_RackMultipart20200904298711aml-339c3ebd-5495-43c5-a6b6-ae66bd87528b-1599783968.png1599218237 Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e247915856_923e703c85c984d4ac6fc5cbb3b7a6ed_RackMultipart20200904340031wcc-b820f54f-cd85-4960-b3f3-25513532ec7e-1625808388.png1599218176

Ruckus SmartZone 100 encryptMacIP CLI Bug

Hi,I am trying disable encrypt-mac-ip with no encrypt-mac-ip CLI command. System getting error  "% Unable to update the encryption MAC address and IP settings. Reason:  Set encryptMacIP value failed : ." how can i disable encrypt-mac-ip. I think its ...

Image_ images_messages_5f91c401135b77e2479156da_98138434e764fe7dbc875e1bbb91ba30_RackMultipart2020090411214115q-421f304d-73e8-4aff-8334-651d13a1b2e5-1046384973.png1599210948

vSZ 5.2.1 CLI Session

So two things...1.  Is it expected behavior that you must log into the vSZ with the local admin account only to be able to use the CLI Session for ICX switches?  Is that something that will change in a future release to work w/AAA logins?  2.  Is it ...


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