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v/SZ - AP firmware upgrade - How to upgrade the APs? Uploading an AP Patch

RUCKUS Team Member

Usually, RUCKUS engineering will release new AP patches with bug fixes and security vulnerability fixes.

This AP patch will not affect the firmware in the controller and no reboot of the controller is required.

A downtime must be programmed as the APs will reboot once the get their new firmware. The estimated downtime will be maximum 5 minutes per AP.

Go to Administration, Upgrade and AP Patch: (You will be able to see the AP Patch Histroy and find out if the patch has been already installed and when it happened)


Upload the desired .patch file:


You can check the file details one more time before finally applying the patch to the controller. (This action will not trigger any upgrade to any AP, the AP firmware upgrade still need to be manually triggered)


When the apply process is completed, you will be logged out of the we GUI. Login one more time to perform the AP firmware upgrade to the desired AP Zones or just leave for a later time.

To finally upgrade the AP firmare in the APs, go to Access Points, select the AP Zone, click 'More' and 'Change AP Firmware'. 


Select the desired AP firmware version. The APs will receive the new firmware and reboot.


Can we upload 3.6.2.X AP Zone firmware on SZ-144 running 5.2.2.X or 6.1.1.X


With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support