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Need an FTP server? | How to use Mobaxterm as FTP server?

RUCKUS Team Member

FTP is generally faster than TFTP.

FTP uses TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) for data transmission, which provides error checking and correction, ensuring that the entire file is correctly received. This makes FTP more reliable and faster for transferring large files or over networks with high error rates.

Here is a quick guide to deploying an FTP server on your computer:

1. Download and install the Mobaxterm app.

2. Go to 'Network Services' and click the configuration gears for the FTP server.


3. Select the Folder for the file location and configure a username and password. I recommend disabling the option 'Prompt me before accepting any incoming connections' and enabling 'Allow anonymous connections'.


4. Click 'OK' and 'Start'. The server will start. It will also start a time countdown that will disable the FTP service once this gets to 0.


5. Your FTP server is ready for file transfers.


Mobaxterm is an amazing app with many tools that can help us on our daily tasks. Take a look at this KB so you learn how to use it for SNMP operations on your ICX switch.





With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support