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FQDNs and Ports that need to be open in Firewall for Ruckus One

RUCKUS Team Member

To ensure proper communication between the APs and switches with RUCKUS One, customers must allow some FQDNs and Ports in their Firewall.

Customer Environment

APs and Switches deployed behind a firewall and inbound/outbound traffic needs to be allowed for successful communication between RUCKUS network devices and RUCKUS One.


Newly added APs and switches are in Never Contacted Cloud state, not joining RUCKUS One.


To allow RUCKUS One to function properly, please configure your firewall to allow for outbound connectivity according to the following guidelines:

Outbound HTTPS (TCP 443) from APs and Switches to:

Outbound SSH (TCP 22) from APs and Switches to:

Network Requirements

The following list of firewall ports is required to allow APs to enable Cloud discovery and continued connection with the Cloud

Checking the firewall ports is the first step of troubleshooting if an AP is unable to connect to the Cloud or disconnects from the Cloud. 

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