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Error ”No Cluster Backup files existed in the remote FTP server” while importing cluster backup.

RUCKUS Team Member

Issue: While importing cluster backup on SmartZone from an FTP server, we receive the following error  - “No Cluster Backup files existed in the remote FTP server”


Cause: The actual filename of the backup was renamed to “vSZ_cluster_backup.bak”

Explanation: By default, when SZ/vSZ generates a Cluster-backup, it uses the following naming convention: -

dateTime_version_bladeUUID.bak (date is in the format of yyyymmdd & time in the format of hhmmss where y is the year, m is the month, d is the date, h is the hour, m is the minute & s is the seconds which corresponds to the date & time this cluster backup was generated).

Following is an example of a valid filename:


Therefore, when we upload a Cluster-backup to SmartZone, it first parses through the file name and ensures that the filename contains at least the two mandatory fields - “dateTime_FirmwareVersion” in the correct format and then it decides if this is a valid file or not. So, it’s important to keep the filename in the original format and not change it.

In case you have already edited the filename by mistake (which is not recommended), and you do not know the original filename, you can simply rename the file in the recommended format by giving it a “dummy” date-time and “actual” firmware version. Note that SmartZone would use the same parameters to decide when this backup was generated.



Md. Dilshad Zafar | Sr TSE | RCWA | RASZA | RACPA | RUCKUS Networks