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Data Center Migration from Hongkong to Singapore

RUCKUS Team Member

Pre-checks on migrations:

  • Make sure that all switches and APs added on cloud should be operational.
  • Make sure to whitelist below IPs/FQDNs on your firewall outbound rules:
  1.            IP range: through, ports: tcp 443 & 22
  2.            FQDN:, port: tcp 443
  3.            FQDN:, port: tcp 443
  4.            FQDN:, port: tcp 443 & 80
  5.            FQDN:, port: tcp 443 & 80
  6.            FQDN:, port: tcp 443 & 22
  7.            FQDN:, port: tcp 443

Post migration connectivity checkpoints and troubleshooting before contacting Ruckus Support:

AP Troubleshooting:

  • Connect laptop to a switch and same subnet as APs. Ping, and please check if the resolved IP is in range: through


  • If the resolved IP is outside the mentioned range ( through, make sure to flush DNS cached entries from DNS server. Now try to resolve “” and validate that IP resolution is within the specified IP range.


$ curl -XGET “”


On MacOS, a success response would be:

curl: (56) LibreSSL SSL_read: LibreSSL/3.3.6: error:1404C45C:SSL routines:ST_OK:reason(1116), errno 0


On Windows PC, a success response would be:

     curl : (56) Send Failure: Connection was aborted



  • Feel free to contact Ruckus Support, if all the troubleshooting steps are exhausted.


ICX Switch Troubleshooting:

  • For Switches on version 9010e and 9010f kindly reboot the switches to clear DNS cached entries.


  • Switches on version 9.0.10h_cd2 and 10.0.10b (for ICX 8200 switches) will not require a reboot to get connected to the new DC.


  • Run “show sz status” from switch CLI and check SWR (Switch Registrar) IP has updated new IP range from through


  • If the IP address is outside the above range run below commands:
  1. device(config)# manager disable
  2. device(config)# no manager disable
  3. device# manager registrar-query-restart
  4. device# show manager status


Note that, switch disconnection from cloud doesn’t impact the production due to data center migration.