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[AP Event] "AP WLAN oversubscribed" | AP does not have enough capacity to deploy all WLANs

RUCKUS Team Member

This event may appear on the events log of the AP. 

AP WLAN oversubscribed

AP [AP-name@M:AC:AD:DR:ES:00] does not have enough capacity to deploy all WLANs. Only maximum WLAN number of the AP can be deployed.

These logs may be seen on the AP CLI:

Jul 13 21:30:50 HOME-R350 daemon.warn libapcfg[11330]: apcfg_set_wlan_cfg:10328 Can't find wlan slot index. Reach the maximum support number[8]. wlan id:[493].
Jul 13 21:30:50 HOME-R350 libapcfg[11330]: @@114,apWlanOversubscribed,"apMac"="D4:BD:4F:01:D4:A0",

This is because Access Points (APs) have a finite number of SSIDs they can broadcast per radio band. This limit is specified in the datasheet of each AP model. For instance, consider the datasheet for the AP R350:


The AP R350 can only broadcast a total of 16 (user-configured) SSIDs. The total count of SSIDs includes those broadcasting on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands separately. In other words, there are 8 SSID slots per radio band. This implies that if you have a WLAN named 'wlan-name' that's broadcasting on both radio bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), it's utilizing two of the available SSID slots.

There are additional SSIDs reserved for other functions like mesh networking and recovery purposes. These SSIDs are not considered in the maximum SSID capacity.

You can verify the WLANs your AP is currently broadcasting by using the AP CLI command 'get wlanlist' to check the actual number of SSIDs broadcasting. But make no mistake, this command ONLY shows configured and enabled WLANs. There could be also configured and disabled WLANs occupying SSIDs slots.

Here is an example from the AP R350. This Access Point seems to be using using 4 of the available 8 slots for 5GHz SSIDs ('Internet', 'ruckus-pruebas', 'wlan1', 'wlan2'):


Yet, this AP is already oversubscribed. I can confirm that by checking the SSIDs in WLAN group assigned to this AP.

In the controller, I reviewed the WLAN group and confirmed it has got a total of 10 configured WLANs. 4 WLANs are enabled, 6 WLANs are disabled.



If you have confirmed your AP is actually oversubscribed, the recomendation is to reduce the number of SSIDs.

It could be possible that moving an AP between different AP Zones could trigger a false positive event, indicating that the AP is oversubscribed. If the actual number of configured WLANs is within the AP's capacity, it's recommended to reset the AP to its factory defaults to clear the false positive and let it onboard the controller again.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support