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Automating Cluster Backup to an FTP server

I'm wondering if anyone has automated their cluster backup to do the following on their VSE:1. Run the cluster backup via the API, PowerShell, if possible?2. Copy that Backup to your preferred FTP server/client, via the CLI?If so I'd love to know wha...

jtchi by New Contributor
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Bonjour GW on SZ100

Hi community!I have two different vlans - 250 (for users) and 370 (for AppleTV). I configured my SZ100 according to the manual, but the service does not work - I see AppleTV on my Iphone, but when I try to connect, I get an error about the device una...

Ruckus SmartZone 100 encryptMacIP CLI Bug

Hi,I am trying disable encrypt-mac-ip with no encrypt-mac-ip CLI command. System getting error  "% Unable to update the encryption MAC address and IP settings. Reason:  Set encryptMacIP value failed : ." how can i disable encrypt-mac-ip. I think its ...