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Bonjour Gateway

New Contributor

Is it required to enable Bonjour gateway in ruckus AP in order to communicate with Samsung IPTV cloud? We have noticed that IPTV channels are not working and prompt "aerial cable:disconnected". however, after we restart the AP TV channels are working.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @stanley_hotel 

Please confirm if the AP is managed by any controller ? What is the firmware version of the controller ?

How the Samsung IPTV connected to the AP , is it via ethernet cable to the AP port or WiFI ? 

What is the model of the AP ?

Bonjour Gateway policies enable APs to provide Bonjour services across VLANs

The controller's Bonjour gateway feature provides an mDNS proxy service configurable from the web interface to allow administrators to specify which types of Bonjour services can be accessed from/to which VLANs.