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Default Zone - change Firmware Version

New Contributor III

Hello Community

how can i change the firmware version in the Default Zone in the vSZ? I want to downgrade the fw version, with it supports all of my AP's, the older ones too.

Thank you


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @pluto09 

You can change the Default zone AP firmware version by selecting the Default Zone>>Click on More>>Change AP firmware version.

It will show the current version of the zone and other versions which are available for the upgrade and downgrade on the Default Zone.


Hello and Thank you for the answer. I tried this, but theres only the option to upgrade to the, but I need the to support all of our AP's.
In a new zone i can choose this 3.x Version, but not in the default zone

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @pluto09

Thank you for sharing the firmware versions. As the controller is running on 6.1.1.X you cannot downgrade the default Zone. However, you can create a new zone on 3.6.2.X by uploading the patch.

Note - Below are the steps to upload the patch in the 6.1.1 controller and create a new AP zone for
1. Upload AP patch
Administration > upgrade > AP patch > Browse > choose file > upload > Apply patch
2. Create a new zone in 6.1.1.
Network >> Access point >> Create zone -> Select AP firmware. -> admin/password

Once the above 3.6.2 Zone is created we can create an AP registration rule for the APs to join the 3.6.2 zone instead of the default Zone. 

Please let me know if you have any further queries.
Thank you!

New Contributor III

Thank you Amtih,

i have already created a new zone with the 3.x firmware. I think i only need now the AP registration rule. How can i create this?