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v/SZ [ERROR] license install fail: "The allowed time to process response has expired.."

RUCKUS Team Member


Error message:


"Unable to upload the controller license file. Reason: 
Import license data to node [] failed: The
allowed time to process response has expired."

This error could be found when uploading a license file into the v/SZ controller.

Root Cause:

Such an error message is likely seen when a person A downloads the license file from the RUCKUS LiMan portal and it's shared with a person B to get it uploaded to the controller. In this process, the license gets invalid, likely because it was not installed timely after it was downloaded.


Please try this and let me know the results:

1. Download a new license file fresh from the RUCKUS license manager portal

2. Login to the controller using the same computer that you used to download the file in the step 1, and upload the newly downloded file at Administration>Licenses> Installed licenses>'Upload'

3. after that, use the option 'sync now' at Administration>Licenses> Installed licenses>'Sync Now' and let me know whether the sync is working 


How to download the license file form LiMAN:  (follow this link for full information about licenses.)



  • Search for the serial number and click on  the downward facing arrow:


With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support