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Unleashed Overview


This provides a concise summary of the Unleashed network's operation, outlining essential requirements and handy commands for configuration.

Unleashed Overview

In an Unleashed network, a RUCKUS Unleashed 'Master' Access Point acts similarly to a controller, managing all control functions. These settings are then propagated to the other APs in the network. If the Master AP go offline, a 'Member' AP will automatically take on the role of the Unleashed Master, assuming control and maintaining network operations.

Unleashed Support

-Bridge mode 128 APs and 2,048 clients.

-Gateway mode supports up to 25 APs and 512 clients.

-Dedicated Master

Overview Limitations from Zone Director

-IPv6 is not supported.

-No interface to communicate with SmartCell Insight analytics engine or SPoT location.

-No Northbound Interface to pass client authentication responsibility to an external entity.

-No WLAN groups.

What are the necessary conditions or prerequisites for an access point to successfully connect to an existing Unleashed network?

Connect the Member Access Point (AP) to the network, ensuring it is on the same VLAN as the Master AP. Upon powering up, the Member AP will engage in an election to determine if a Master already exists. It's important that the Member AP either matches or has a lower firmware version than the Master.

Additionally, it must be able to ping the Master AP and share the same country code setting.

Commands to check if a member Access Point is not joining to the Unleashed Network.

  •  ping < Master_AP>
  •  get version 
  •  get boarddata : Display hardware version and system board information
  •  get discovery-agent: Check if LLWAP protocol is enable.
  • get countrycode :
  • get director : show Master AP information.
  • get election: shows the status of all Unleashed APs
  • get syslog log

The same information can be collected on the Master AP.

  • Ping <Member_IP>
  • get version 
  • get countrycode 
  • get boarddata 
  • get election 

Ruckus CLI on unleashed when SSH to the Access Points.

The 'ruckus>' CLI prompt indicates you are logged into the 'Master' Access Point. From here, you can navigate through various configuration modes to manage settings and preferences.



Under enable mode we can go to different modes example:

ap-mode: Note under this mode you can run set-get commands.





Under config there are some different modes





+Using the Mac-address of the AP

ruckus(config)# ap d4:bd:4f:01:bc:10
The AP 'd4:bd:4f:01:bc:10' has been loaded. To save the AP, type 'end' or 'exit'.

The 'rkscli:' prompt indicates that you are logged into a 'Member' Access Point. In this CLI, you can execute 'get' or 'set' commands to retrieve or configure the Access Point settings. For example:


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