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Unable to set SSH authentication retry to 5 from version 9010 and above

RUCKUS Team Member

Test result below from Lab in version 9010: 

Cloudtest(config)#ip ssh authentication-retries 6
Error - Invalid input 6. Valid range is between 1 and 5
Cloudtest(config)#ip ssh authentication-retries 5


The retries count has been set to 5 and cannot be changed. Hence on version above 9010 by default the retry value would be 5 even if not configured. The command even though executed does not take effect. 

That is the default retries value is changed from 3 to 5 and hence the command is moved to hidden and will not be displayed. Configuring hidden command will not make any changes as default value is set to 5 from above 9010 code. 


This command is hidden so that any config from an older software code is parsed correctly when upgraded to 9010 or higher versions. The command will be deprecated in future releases.