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ICX Switch Model 100Base-FX SFP optic support, configuration, firmware and known issues

RUCKUS Team Member

Type: 100BASE-FX is the technical name of Fast Ethernet over fiber optic cables


Fast Iron ICX devices support the following types of SFPs for 100BaseFX:

  • Multimode SFP—maximum distance is 2 kilometers
  • Long Reach (LR)—maximum distance is 40 kilometers
  • Intermediate Reach (IR) —maximum distance is 15 kilometers


After installing a 100Base-FX transceiver, you must use this command to enable 100Base-FX support on the device.

The following example enables support for 100Base-FX on a fiber port.

Device# config t

device(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/6

device(config-if-e1000-1/1/6)# 100-fx


  • The transceiver needs to be installed in the switch for the command to work

Firmware needed to use 100-Fx feature in different models:



The above table gives information on firmware needed on different ICX models for 100-Fx support.

Link: From RUCKUS Ethernet Optics Data Sheet

Supported Ruckus transceiver:



The above table shows details on ruckus transceivers used for 100-fx support

Link: From RUCKUS Ethernet Optics Data Sheet

Known Issues:

1) For compatible ICX Switches, it is noticed that configuration 100-fx gets wiped out upon reload.

Details Noticed:

  • We notice this issue only when the device is in a stack
  • Standalone switch does not have this issue


  • Make sure that the member 1 is always active and has higher priority
  • Devices needing 100-fx support needs to be part of member 1 only


  • Make sure not to use any other member other than member 1 to be highest priority and active since if any other member is made active other than member 1, 100-fx is noticed to wipe out from active member as well

Fix for this issue: upgrade to 9010f

2) For ICX switches “optical monitor” command cannot be enabled firmware version 9010a to 9010c

Details Noticed:

ICX7150-24F Router#sho med eth 1/1/3

Port   1/1/3: Type  : 100M M-FX-IR(SFP)

             Vendor: RUCKUS             Version: A

             Part# : 33225-100          Serial#: FNF112420000LP8

ICX7150-24F Router#sho med eth 1/1/20

Port  1/1/20: Type  : 100M M-FX-SR(SFP)

             Vendor: RUCKUS             Version: A

             Part# : 33224-100          Serial#: FAF1131700000FD

ICX7150-24F Router(config-mif-1/1/3,1/1/20)#optical-monitor

Port 1/1/3 is 100M FX and cannot support Optical Monitoring.

Port 1/1/20 is 100M FX and cannot support Optical Monitoring.

Fix for this issue: upgrade to 9010d


RUCKUS Team Member

Thanks Chandini 🙂

New Contributor

Hey, I've got an ICX7450 that I just upgraded to FW version 8.0.70h. After upgrade, 100-fx can no longer be applied to any disable port. Unfortunately, my startup configuration has disabled 100-fx ports. This means that at reload, the 100-fx configuration is not loaded to the running config.

Is that fixed in any newer firmware?

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi JonDixon

Ack and Noted. Thanks for posting your concern here. 

See if you can use the below link to create a case with us as you are on older version of firmware on the switch 8.0.70h . We might need more time to analyze and may also need logs from the switch.

Please feel free to post if you have any concerns. Thanks 

New Contributor

Sadly I made a case and they told me that I don't have support, and referred me to the forums.