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How to upload DPSK CSV file onto vSZ/SZ via PUBLIC API call

RUCKUS Team Member

Below self-help content explains the steps involved in uploading the DPSK CSV file using public API call.

Product Type: vSZ-E/vSZ-H/SZ-100/SZ-144/SZ-300 series controller.

Firmware Version: 6.x and later releases.

API Version: 11.0


  1. API tool (Postman/PowerShell), in this example we will be using Postman.
  2. Note that Postman validates server certificate and ignores if it’s default/self-signed certificate. Make sure to disable SSL certificate verification, so that the default SZ certificate will be ignored.



  1. DPSK CSV file with all necessary fields as mentioned in below example.



Steps to upload the CSV:


  1. Authenticate to SZ/vSZ using below JSON call

POST: https://<SZ_IP>:8443/wsg/api/public/v11_0/session



"username": "parik",

"password": "password"



  1. Retrieve Zone ID and WLAN ID using below JSON call, which is necessary to construct a URL.

GET: https://<SZ_IP>:8443/wsg/api/public/v11_0/rkszones

Copy and make a note of Zone ID from below output


    "totalCount": 1,

    "hasMore": false,

    "firstIndex": 0,

    "list": [


            "id": "714295a7-af03-41fd-8866-f77886d482fc",

            "name": "Ruckus Zone"




Use the same Zone ID to retrieve WLAN ID using below GET request. Make a note of WLAN ID

GET: https://<SZ_IP>:8443/wsg/api/public/v11_0/rkszones/714295a7-af03-41fd-8866-f77886d482fc/wlans


    "totalCount": 1,

    "hasMore": false,

    "firstIndex": 0,

    "list": [


            "id": "141",

            "mvnoId": "839f87c6-d116-497e-afce-aa8157abd30c",

            "zoneId": "714295a7-af03-41fd-8866-f77886d482fc",

            "name": "DPSK SSID",

            "ssid": "DPSK SSID"



  1. Using Zone ID and WLAN ID extracted in above steps construct a URL as mentioned below and use the same in POSTMAN tool.


POST: https://<SZ_IP>:8443/wsg/api/public/v11_0/rkszones/<Zone_ID>/wlans/<WLAN_ID>/dpsk/upload

Example URL: https://tac-vsz:8443/wsg/api/public/v11_0/rkszones/714295a7-af03-41fd-8866-f77886d482fc/wlans/141/dp...


  1. From POSTMAN, follow below steps:



After constructing POST URL choose

a. Option Body

b. Select form-data

c. Under KEY section enter string “file”

d. Hover over highlighted d section and select “File” as a value type

e. Under VALUE section click on select files and chose the DPSK-CSV file to be uploaded

f. Hit Send to post the contents to SZ


The output looks like below snippet: The DPSK ID will be generated along with the passphrase if the passphrase section in CSV is blank.