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How to test SNMP version 3 using MobaXterm

RUCKUS Team Member

This is a simple example how to configure SNMP version 3 with an ICX switch, please consider SNMP version 3 is more complex than versions 1 and 2, therefore, it might require additional configurations that we are not including in this article

ICX configuration:

Device(config)# snmp-server host version v3 auth Edgar

Device(config)# snmp-server group Ruckus v3 priv read all write all

Device(config)#snmp-server user Edgar Ruckus v3 auth sha test123456 priv aes test12345678

This example the username Edgar belongs to Group named as Ruckus

The “read and write all” configuration allows to get information (read) from the switch and set configuration (write) on the switch

We are using as authentication protocol SHA with pass phrase test123456

The privacy protocol is AES with pass phrase test12345678

Now we can run the snmpwalk in MobaXterm:

First make sure you have installed the net-snmp services in MobaXterm

snmpwalk.exe -v 3  -u Edgar -a SHA -A test123456 -x AES -X test12345678 -l authPriv

Here is the command syntaxis


snmpwalk -v3 -u <username> -a <auth_protocol> -A <auth_password> -x <priv_protocol> -X <priv_password> -l authPriv  <target_host> <oid>