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How to reset entire Unleashed network for reconfiguration or gaining the access to Unleashed management, if access is lost?

Community Admin
Community Admin

In this self-help discussion, I will explain how we can reset Unleashed network (mainly customers having more than 1 AP in Unleashed network).

This may require when customer doesn’t know the access credentials for admin web console due to change in ownership of the device or lost password due to any other reason.


What is the problem?


If you have more than 1 AP in Unleashed network and want to reset entire network, this can be difficult due to redundancy feature on Unleashed.

If you factory reset current master, election process will quickly elect new master from any available AP in the network and old master AP will again join the Unleashed network as a member of it.


Then what is the solution?


There are three ways to factory reset entire Unleashed network.



  1. Disconnect all the APs physically from wired network, except the master AP.
  2. Factory reset master AP by pushing and holding the reset button or using master AP CLI (ap-mode) and then run the command “set factory”.
  3. Now reconfigure master as per requirement.
  4. Reset other member APs one by one (one at a time), by powering up on a isolated network (member APs should not be able to reach master AP over the network) or using POE injector or power adapter.
  5. Once all member APs factory defaulted, plug them back to the network so that they can be discovered by master and get the fresh configuration.


  • Above procedure needs physical access to the devices, so cannot be done remotely.
  • A power injector or POE switch (in isolated network) or a power adapter is required.


  1. If all APs are connected to a managed switch, you can shut the switch ports of all the member APs.
  2. Then factory reset master AP using CLI (set factory).
  3. Now shut down the port for master and turn up other member APs (one at a time) and follow the same for rest of the APs.
  4. Once all the APs are done, keep last AP online, configure as master and then un shut the all switch ports for other APs.


  • For the above procedure you must have access to switch(es) where APs are connected.
  • To run "set factory" CLI command on master AP you have to first go to "enable" mode >> "ap-mode" and then run the "set factory" command followed by "reboot".



  1. SSH into each AP or use master AP CLI (remote AP CLI option) to hardcode member APs role as “member only”. This way none of the member APs can become master, if original master factory reset or unreachable/unavailable.

    Command (from master AP):

    Please login: admin
    Welcome to Ruckus Unleashed Network Command Line Interface
    ruckus> enable
    ruckus# debug
    You have all rights in this mode.
    ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli <AP_MAC_ADDRESS>"set election role 1"

    Command Usage: set election role
                     -> role <0=Clear 1=Member>

    Command (from member AP):

    rkscli> set election role 1

    Command Usage: set election role
                     -> role <0=Clear 1=Member>
  2. Now factory reset master, followed by member APs. Once all are done, configure master AP again, and all member will join it.

Note: This procedure requires access to Unleashed AP CLI (member and master both), so if admin login credentials are not available, this cannot be done.


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Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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New Contributor

So I'm sort of in the situation where I need to reset the entire ruckus. I just purchased this home and it came with the ruckus system but I have no idea how to mess with this thing! There is the main box and then there is two other boxes through out the house one upstairs and one downstairs. I have no idea how to even access this thing.

Hi @cesar_ramos,

This thread has all the possible ways in detail, to reset the Unleashed.

Could you confirm at what point you are facing the issue, as per the provided information in this post?

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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HI - I am facing the same challenge - I am the original homeowner and everything was fine until a couple months ago. My video calls are now awful - unclear video, spotty audio..I tried using a paperclip to reset the AP above my head on the third floor, but nothing has gotten better. No more access to Unleased "manage network" and the "Typical Install" doe not work as no CONFIGURE.ME network comes up... Help! I am not techy and have no idea about what you wrote earlier...No idea the kind of AP, what is the master one, where to log in... I'm stuck!

Hello @kendralynnn,

Could you confirm if you are a Lennar house owner.

As explained above, those are the all possible way to gain access to your Unleashed network.

To follow those steps, some basic knowledge with computer networks is needed, however, if you can provide us more details like how is your setup, what device is connected where then we maybe able to help.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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