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How to free user licenses on CloudPath Enrollment System


Hello All,

I have come across this common query where customers report that their CloudPath Dashboard has an excess licence banner and they want to know how they can free some licenses.

Below screenshot shows how the warning is displayed in the CloudPath dashboard             sarita_shekhar_0-1650016639271.png

Where do I find the license consumption details?

  • Login to the CloudPath GUI --> Click Support --> Licensing --> License and Details page (as shown below for reference)



How do we free User Licenses?

  1. Login to the CloudPath UI and modify the Data Cleanup settings to 1 day as shown in the screenshot:


  2. Go to Users & Devices:


  3. Select the magnifier for the Users who need to cleanup


  4. Enable the OCSP Monitoring and set the number of days: This option will revoke the certificate is unused for the X-amount of days as configured:


  5. Select the magnifier under Devices/Certificate/Enrollments and select “Delete Enrollment and Related Data” as shown below:


    Please note
    the above process
    will remove the enrollment record and certificate from the system but will not free up a license until the server has synced with the licensing server (around midnight MST). Each day at exactly one minute after midnight, ES will run a schedule to update the account’s total license consumption for the last 24 hours.

  6. Please enable “Perform Status Check” under Authentication Server as shown below:

    This option will help clean up the users from the system automatically once the user is deleted from the AD server.

    As of now, this is a manual process and hence you need to go to each user and un-map all the cert/mac regs/DPSKs/enrollments with the user.